Intelkiosk digital signage support center share installing and deploy tips.

Why choose our products?

In the clamor of the digital signage world, our stand-out stability, reliability and flexibility sets us apart. From simple one-to-one systems to the complexity of thousands of displays, you can create and deploy your digital experiences with confidence, knowing our platform will perform no matter what situation may pop up.

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LCD Advertising Player Common Faults and Solutions Brief

LCD advertising player is a new star spread in recent years, which uses the LCD monitor to display video advertisement pushing information more proactively. LCD advertising player incorporates interactive technology of multi-touch technology, image recognition, augmented reality, human-computer interaction tracking, gesture remote control etc.

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What is digital signage LCD player in fact

Of course, Indoor TV advertising started in commercial buildings and transport almost immediately after appearing of the advertising TV market. But until now all these displays had to turn on and off every night and with the remote control.

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