What is digital signage LCD player in fact

What is digital signage LCD player in fact

Of course, Indoor TV advertising started in commercial buildings and transport almost immediately after appearing of the advertising TV market. But until now all these displays had to turn on and off every night and with the remote control. These attempts were not very successful, because managers often forgot to turn TV on in the morning, or after failure in the power supply. Some time later professional advertising LCD displays entered market with built-in advertising LCD player that turn display on and off and start playing video automatically by schedule, or at power up. Digital signage systems became stabile, and it has become easy change information - they only need to change flash card or USB flash drive with video and a playlist.

Digital signage monitor for advertising in buses, taxi and metro

At the same time, digital signage displays and displays for transport began to gain popularity. They are often called bus tv or taxi advertising screen. It is popular as digital signage machine for buses, monitors for trams and trolleybuses, as well as digital signage screen for metro, and trains. Monitors for buses began to be used for advertising, entertainment and show videos and movies during the trip. It has enhanced screen protection and vibration-ready components.

Several years latter new technology appeared that associate advertising displays in network. Digital displays grew in size and became more "green", bright and efficient with LED LCD technology appeared.  Digital signage monitors became more subtle and suitable for popular places in the lobbies of hotels and restaurants, near lift cabins, on the shelves of shops and as advertising screen in supermarkets.

Vandal resistant commercial display

There is no doubt that advertising (commercial) display must be protected from bumps and theft, since there is always possibility that someone will try to break or steal the device. Therefore, modern advertising monitors are assembled in a metal protective cases and screen is closed with vandal resistant toughened glass or poly-carbonate. Protected case is also useful even in places where the advertising display is under supervision. After all, there is always the possibility that somebody will touch or hit advertising machine screen accidentally. Of course, the use of metal and durable quality of the glass increase the cost of equipment. Experts estimate additional security measures, on average, 25% of the cost of the display, but it is significantly more permanent replacement and repair of damaged lcd advertising player.

The evolution of Digital Signage screens

Vertical Digital Signage advertising displays become more and more popular nowadays. They are often used as advertising monitors in elevators and screens behind the glass windows. These screens work in a comfortable environment - they rarely find themselves in the cold, and almost misses the dust. Monitors for shop windows are special high-brightness displays, which can be seen in direct sunlight. Electronic posters are particularly attractive for cafes and banks. Promotional LCD displays in the windows replace outdated banners on paper or in part, and luring passers-motion video.

The decisive advantage of the benefit of setting of the  Digital Signage advertising Display is the simplicity of the procedure and operation: no approvals and documents required from the city administration, no need to print new advertising signs each month, you can update information in several minutes. That is why the monitors for advertising appear everywhere every day! Call us now to find your model at best price! Buy LCD Advertising Display today!

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