Why choose our products?


In the clamor of the digital signage world, our stand-out stability, reliability and flexibility sets us apart. From simple one-to-one systems to the complexity of thousands of displays, you can create and deploy your digital experiences with confidence, knowing our platform will perform no matter what situation may pop up.


  • Stable and reliable performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Superior playback technology delivers smooth sub-pixel motion without distracting choppy, stutters
  • Player will only download changes, not the entire content



The user-friendly Scala platform consists of Designer, where you create your content or bring in existing content, Content Manager, which allows you to easily manage your content from any device, and the playback modulePlayer.


  • With Content Manager schedule and control your messages on one or even thousands of screens
  • Assign roles and permissions to allow multiple content creators and managers
  • Make your own design, choose from the many templates and customize them to your style or use marketing materials that are made with your favorite tools
  • Bring in live feeds such as news, weather, traffic, financial data and social media 


Flexible and scalable

The Scala platform is flexible and scalable, allowing you to customize every aspect of your digital experience.


  • Effective communication through the integration of different information systems
  • A wide range of hardware and display options 
  • Ability to scale a project with confidence, knowing it will run smoothly



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