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advertising player

Large department store as a crowded public place, has always been a businessman battleground in consumption potential is tremendous, also contains infinite advertising business opportunities. In addition to many advertising companies came to occupy land, more and more stores also gradually realize own media assets value, start with great concentration to dig the treasure.

Indoor advertising player

Human-computer interaction function, support various software, can satisfy demand of query, play games, watching video, listening to music and so on.

Wall-mounted advertising machine

With mature and widely used advertising machine technology, advertising machine not only applied in indoor-outdoor advertisements, also used to provide a variety of useful information. Wall-mounted advertising machine also gradually used in the medical industry, the use of hospital culture, image and all kinds of information, in order to enhance the image of the hospital and services.

All in one PC of education

Apply LCD to conference room will improve the meeting space integrated information service quality and efficiency, to avoid the disadvantages of traditional convened meetings, at the same time can be reasonable allocation and improve the quality of the meeting and conference rooms of usage, the advanced, efficient, stable and reliable liquid crystal display information release and the organic combination of conference management system, to provide more intuitive, more clear, more vivid, more humane quality meeting service.

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