All in one PC of education

Apply LCD to conference room will improve the meeting space integrated information service quality and efficiency, to avoid the disadvantages of traditional convened meetings, at the same time can be reasonable allocation and improve the quality of the meeting and conference rooms of usage, the advanced, efficient, stable and reliable liquid crystal display information release and the organic combination of conference management system, to provide more intuitive, more clear, more vivid, more humane quality meeting service.

Meeting notice period: according to arrangement, department attended the meeting and conference contents as well as meeting time and so on. Real-time remote monitoring to the contents of the display carrier, real-time understanding of ongoing meeting and the usage of each conference room, reasonable arrangements for the next meeting of the time, place, etc.

Conference starts early: review meeting room use state, accurate reservation and release conference information.

Conference tour: in the elevator hall and other important places the position such as showed different meeting time, subject, place, and the conference room to walk route information, such as show host units and summary of activities information, at the same time, relevant public position deployment information query of peripheral equipment.

During the meeting: welcome to information display, also can dynamically display the theme, the information such as name, meeting arrangement, but also can display images in the meeting, and on that day the weather situation and alert membership personnel matters, etc.

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